Pk 386 Sella Rice

Product: PK-386 long Grain Rice Boiled (Sella) Rice.

Origin: Punjab Silky/Double Polished, Max. 0-2% Broken

Packing: 50KGS / 25 KgS PP BAGS or Customized

Pk 386 Sella Rice is the rice variety that undergoes a hydrothermal steaming process to partially boil the un-husked rice. This process enhances the strength of rice grains for better cooking results.PK 386 Long Grain Parboiled Rice is the non-basmati rice variety.
This rice variety is appropriate for rice lovers who enjoy slightly dry types of cuisines. Nevertheless, due to its superiority over other long-grain varieties, PK 386 is one of the most demanded rice in the world.

SPECIFICATION OF PK-386 Long Grain Par Boiled (Sella) Rice

Product Features Quantity
Moisture Content: 12.5% Max
Average Grain Length: 6.8mm
Polishing Grade: Double/Silky Polished
Yellow Grains:  0-2%
Broken Grains: 2% Max.
Chalky Grains:  0%
Contrasting Varieties: 7% Max
Under-milled & Red-striped: 1% Max
Colour:  light Yellow
Stripped:  0-2%
Milling Degree:  40-42