Sadruddin Rice Company is an skilled and famous exporter of rice products, called one of the largest rice exporters and rice suppliers in Pakistan. We export the best exceptional Basmati and Non Basmiti rice at a less expensive prices. At Sadruddin Rice Company, we take delight in imparting the best exceptional Basmati rice at an less expensive price. We are devoted to supplying our clients the nice viable value, and we are proud in order to provide this type of excessive exceptional product at an affordable price.

Pakistan is one of the main supplier and exporters of basmati rice in the world. Our rice is prized for its signature aromatic aroma and sensitive flavor. We are proud to be one in every of the biggest supplier and exporters of this rice, and we're devoted to bringing you the nice exceptional viable. We have made our mark withinside the export of rice via way of means of sourcing it from nice agricultural farms from diverse areas in Pakistan. It’s your self belief which facilitates us to grow, so we're devoted to offer you with the nice Pakistani rice at less expensive prices.

Sadruddin Rice Company has a huge community of wholesale vendors outside and inside Pakistan; therefore, we will fulfill your needs at any time with proper solutions. The best basmati rice exporters in Pakistan.

Our Exports are to many regions of world including Europe, Americas, Australia, Africa and Central Eastern Countries.


Sadruddin & Co., focuses on top rate produce exporting worldwide. We are a sturdy group of agricultural professionals who procure, technique and export an extended line of the greatest viable farm merchandise to be had withinside the marketplace today.


In Sadruddin & Co.. we purpose to offer high-quality wholesome merchandise whilst contributing to societies that experience improved livelihood due to honest and moral increase and change in clean produce..


To offer great nice meals merchandise at a honest price. To acquire proper monetary returns, preserving in view long time growth. To provide identical possibilities to our personnel and to meet our dedication to our customers, stake holders, network and environment.


Let us help you distribute your fresh produce. For the following reasons:


The liberalization of the sector trade, and the truth that the rice clients withinside the industrialized international locations are an increasing number of worrying rice to be now no longer simplest low-budget however additionally healthy, tasty, safe, and sound in recognize to human welfare and the environment, are converting thus far amount-orientated rice processing, ensuring the nutrient deliver for a nation, into an global best-orientated meals market.

The competitiveness of meals manufacturing will quickly be extra depending on the reliability of the protection and the best of the meals and acceptability of the manufacturing methods than on amount and price.


We have carried out a steady obligatory rice inspection & distinctive laboratory evaluation shape a part of the recurring control. Testing is frequently finished with the aid of using our skilled and rather certified analyzers, enhancing the hygiene requirements proper from increase, procurement to transport to give up customers.


Being a paddy grower a robust emphasis is given from seed selection, spraying, irrigating & making use of extraordinary clinical strategies to assure a robust & nutritious increase of paddy. Quality Assurance, in assessment to high-satisfactory control, is the implementation of high-satisfactory assessments and strategies to straight away accurate any disasters and errors which can be possibly to lessen the high-satisfactory of the rice at every manufacturing step.

Our Standard Operating Procedures are observed which assure the preferred high-satisfactory of the goods at every manufacturing step.


We are dedicated to creating a contribution to the network we stay and paintings in, striving each day to create higher products, with more care, each from the viewpoint of hygiene and the microbiological profile. This is the philosophy that we attempt each day to pursue to serve our Clients with respect, which has made Pakistan Rice Export Company the respective organization in Pakistan withinside the zone of rice, with exports for the duration of the arena.

Ready to welcome the brand new and an increasing number of crucial possibilities that the arena markets provide withinside the new millennium.


We regularly participate in events like Gul food exhibition to be better in touch with a large number of customers from different regions of world. Sadruddin Rice Company is one of the leading exporters of 1121 Sella Basmati & Super Kernel Basmati and IRRI 6 and IRRI 9 in Pakistan, because we not only belive in having satisfied customer but also belive in having cheered customers..

- Sadruddin Rice Company is sign of quality.

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